The first children's book in this series, Rip Squeak and His Friends, was published in English in September 2001. Two other children's books by Leonard Filgate and Susan Yost Filgate, The Treasure (originally published as Rip Squeak and His Friends Discover the Treasure) and The Adventure (originally published as Off on Adventure), followed. The Gift of Giving, a Christmas-themed book was just released in December 2020 as a digital book. The hardback editions of those books are sold out and we hope to make some of the titles available in the near future as newly edited and formatted books so a new generation of children and adults can continue to enjoy them. In the meantime, please enjoy the digital versions--just click the book cover below to get the link to purchase and download. New title is coming soon: A Fairy Tale. Also, Spanish language editions of all books are in development. Watch here for updates.

You may click on a book below to learn more or to purchase the digital version.


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