3rd Book: “The Adventure”


Rip Squeak and his friends set off on a maiden voyage aboard the sailing ship they discover in “The Treasure” and soon find themselves adrift in a mysterious fog. There are limited copies of this book available before it goes “out of print”.

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Product Description

Written by Susan Yost-Filgate • Illustrated by Leonard Filgate

In this third book, Captain Euripides and crew set off on their maiden voyage aboard their ship named “Adventure” and soon discover that things are not always as they appear. When the unthinkable occurs and things look grim, the unexpected happens and a new friend saves the day.


Featuring the museum quality artwork of Leonard Filgate, The Adventure is a thoroughly entertaining, swashbuckling picture book engagingly written by Susan Yost-Filgate. Following the maiden voyage of ship crewed by the brave mouse Rip Squeak and his friend – his sister Jenny, her doll Bunny, Abbey the kitten and Euripides the frog. Together they brave unknown waters and even make a most unlikely new friend within the high seas! The art style brings the charming characters perfectly to life. We can only hope that The Adventure is the debut title of a whole series yet to come featuring the thrilling adventures of this plucky little mouse and his companions. –Midwest Book Review

Leonard Filgate and Susan-Yost Filgate have teamed as husband and wife, and as illustrator and writer of a series starring Rip Squeak, a mouse to rival Mickey for sheer fun. His latest is The Adventure in which he and his friends set sail on a local pond and encounter of mysterious monster. The ship and crew are in plenty of danger, but the surprise ending will reveal how much or how little. I guarantee you that, once you have read one Rip Squeak book, you will want to check out Rip Squeak and his Friends along with The Treasure. The illustrations are lush and the story moves along at a brisk pace. This story is just fine for those 4 and up. –Bookviews.com