1st Book: “Rip Squeak and His Friends” Reduced Word Count


Rip Squeak and his sister Jesse are mice who develop unconventional friendships with Abbey, a kitten and a frog named Euripides. Learn how it all began in this first Rip Squeak book. This reduced word count edition targets younger readers.

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Product Description

Written by Susan Yost-Filgate • Illustrated by Leonard Filgate

When the family that lives in the little cottage packs their bags one morning and leaves, the excitement begins. Rip Squeak and his sister, Jesse, make two unlikely new friends and discover a whole world that’s right under their noses!

This wonderful storybook received honorable mention in the IPPY Awards!

* We highly recommend that you read the complete series in chronological order. If you don’t already have book 2 and 3, then getting the “Complete Series”  by the Filgates would be your best bet!


Have you ever wondered what happens when you leave the house? Have you ever wondered what the animals are doing while you’re away? This beautifully illustrated book dares to imagine just that. It tells the story of one house whose owners have gone away on vacation and left the cat and some mice and one garden frog alone. Does it sound like a dangerous mixture? Well, what happens next is a series of lively adventures that are driven by fun and imagination. It reminds us that a lot of things can go on while the humans are away. The story itself is wonderful, but the pictures really bring it to life. They are exquisitely crafted and make a reader feel as if she can actually reach out and touch the characters. Leonard Filgate is obviously exceptionally talented and should be commended for the work displayed here. This book really should be a must-have for any collection.–Children’s Literature (Sheree Van Vreede)

On morning the humans left the cottage, taking their suitcases with them…..That’s how Rip Squeak’s day begins – and once the resourceful little mouse and his sister Jesse go off in search of great adventures and good things to eat, there’s no stopping them This book introduces the adventures of Rip Squeak and hi friends. It’ a day of imagination and dreams – brought to life he nimble prose of Susan Yost-Filgate and the rich detailed paintings of Leonard Filgate.–GoodReads.com